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Is Market Timing Legal?

Market Timing - Ethics

Recently several large mutual fund families have been fined and sanctioned for illegal or unethical after hours trading and market timing. Do not confuse our market timing method with these operations. Our timing method does NOT fall under these illegal/unethical actions.

The violations by those fund groups fall under two categories. The FIRST was allowing certain fund shareholders to Buy or Sell the fund shares AFTER the stock market was closed at the earlier closing fund price. The other shareholders, not being allowed to trade after hours at a previously posted price, were being unfairly treated by the fund. OUR METHOD DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN ILLEGAL/UNETHICAL TRADES AFTER THE CLOSE. Orders you enter with your fund after the market close will be filled at the close of the NEXT business day, not the same day.

SECOND, some funds allowed certain shareholders to Buy or Sell the fund shares during the trading day in frequency and volume not allowed by the fund prospectus. Other fund shareholders were not allowed to exceed the number of exchanges permitted by the prospectus. This clearly was unfair to the other shareholders. OUR METHOD DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN EXCESSIVE TRADES IN FUNDS WHERE THE PROSPECTUS LIMITS THE FREQUENCY AND VOLUME OF EXCHANGES.

All funds permit a number of monthly or yearly exchanges as outlined in their prospectus. They will not allow YOU to exceed this number. Rydex and Pro Funds do NOT have such limitations and are designed specifically to allow investors to "time" the market. Capital you have in other fund families or retirement accounts may have some exchange limitations and you should check with the fund for the terms of those restrictions.

As you can see, some mutual fund groups got themselves into trouble because they allowed a few privileged insiders to trade their shares in a manner that other shareholders were not. Market timing, as we practice it, is perfectly legal and ethical and has been used by mutual fund investors for many years.

Any further questions you have about the legality of using our timing method on your mutual fund shares can easily be answered just by phoning a representative at your mutual fund family. They will be more than happy to assure you that making periodic exchanges is perfectly legal and tell you of any exchange restrictions of your fund.

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