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1st Choice Market Timing

A Case for Market Timing

Market Timing Preserves Capital

Market timing can provide superior returns over a buy/hold strategy but also preserves capital during down trends.

By avoiding much of the capital drawdown during declining markets, more cash is available to take advantage of subsequent market bull runs.

Studies Support Market Timing As A Successful Strategy

In an article that appeared in Barron's Newspaper in November 2001 titled "The Truth About Market Timing", author Jacqueline Doherty referred to a study done for Barron's by Bininiy Associates that shows since 1966 if an investor had moved his money out of the market for the 5 worst days of each year, his return through October 29th would have been 98,712% instead of the 1,171% return of a buy and hold investor. This is 84 times the return of the buy and hold investor.

While no one can predict the 5 worst market days of the year, it does show that returns can be favorably impacted in a significant way by avoiding periods of market decline.

In a separate study by Prof. Don M. Chance, from the Department of Finance at Virginia Tech, and Prof. Michael L. Hemler, Department of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Notre Dame that was published in the Journal of Financial Economics, the performance of 30 professional market timers was studied over a 9 year period. The study found evidence of significant ability of the market timers across all tests and portfolios.

And, a story at BenefitsBlog, a tax benefits and ERISA law commentary, sites an article (subscription required) by Peter Bernstein in the Wall Street Journal suggesting a buy and hold strategy may not be the wisest course for investors today.

The fact remains that market timing when performed properly can and does increase returns while reducing risk in case after case.

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